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North Plains Parks Board to meet Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The North Plains Parks Board will meet at 6:00 p.m. at the North Plains Senior Center, at 31450 NW Commercial Street on Wednesday, July 23, 2014. Agenda and Agenda Packet are available under the "City" tab above under the Parks Board. One of the topics of discussion will be the plans to remodel Jessie Mays Community Hall.

Newsletter Available

City of North Plains Community Newsletter is available online.  You can sign up for an electronic notice when it is posted.  The newsletter is sent to all water customers.

Three Positions Open for City Council in November 4, 2014 General Election

On November 4, 2014, General Election, citizens of North Plains will vote to fill three City Councilor positions.  These positions are currently held by Michael Broome, Michael Demagalski and Glen Warren.

A person seeking a City of North Plains elective office must be a registered voter and must be a resident of North Plains, residing for at least one year immediately preceding the election, and must file by petition and collect 25 certified signatures from North Plains registered voters. Each position carries a four-year term, expiring December, 2018.  The positions are elected from the City at-large and candidates who receive the highest number of votes are elected.

The City of North Plains operates under the council-manager form of city government.  The Mayor and the City Councilors are elected by the citizens and they develop the policies that will direct the operation of the city.  Council meetings are normally held in the evening twice a month on the first and third Monday of each month. In addition to attending Council meetings, Councilors attend other meetings as necessary and serve as liaison to other local, regional, and citizen advisory boards, committees, and commissions.

Candidacy Election Packets are available at the City Recorder’s Office, 31360 NW Commercial Street, during normal business hours or by CLICKING HERE. A prospective petition may be filed beginning on Monday, July 7, 2014, and a completed petition, along with 25 certified signatures, must be filed no later than Tuesday, August 26, 2014, 5:00 p.m. Please contact the City Recorder’s Office at 503-647-5555 or e-mail: margaret@northplains.org.

About the 2014/2015 Budget

Copies of the full budget are available online. (The Urban Renewal Agency budget is also online.)  Total estimated revenue for the General Fund is $1,588,073 and expenses are anticipated at $1,687,840 (which includes a contingency line item of $100,000 that is not expected to be spent.)  The Water Fund has projected revenues of $1,254,575 and expenses of $1,462,341 (including a $500,000 contingency which may be used to acquire a new tank site.)

General Fund revenues come from many sources including property taxes, state taxes franchise fees, user fees and some grants. Included in this total is a host fee that is paid by Recology to the City.  In May 2013, just after the County approved an extension of the Nature's Needs franchise agreement, the City negotiated an increase in the fee from $0.50/to to $1.00.  At that time Recology agreed that the City would have full control over the fees for any General Fund purpose.  Council has chosen to allocate $10,000 a year for street funding and to use the remainder for General Fund purposes.

Water rates remain a concern of the Budget Committee and City Council.  Staff is studying the opportunity to reduce rates.  This can be accomplished if the capital improvements is modified to use future debt to fund future projects, rather than continuing to pursue a policy to pay for projects in cash, which is the primary reason water rates in North Plains are high.

The City is reorganizing staff to ensure efficiency.  An Account Clerk I position was eliminated to reduce the cost of operations in Finance which directly affects the cost of Water operations.  Part-time staff are employed to ensure the City continues to provide a high level of service to residents at City Hall.  Public Works is now studying the use of Utility Worker time.  Initial data suggests that too much time has been allocated to water operations in the past, which has also contributed to high water rates.

Parade on 4th of July


www.NPFun.org is the City's new events website to provide you with quick access to all community events.  You can access it from the events tab above or directly at www.npfun.org

Online payments can be made anytime.  Convenience fees applied.

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Foot Patrol


North Plains Police Department has a team "Foot Patrol" participating in the Hood to Coast race from Mount Hood to Seaside, Oregon.  If you would like to support the team please visit their website at the link below.

Board and Committee Vacancies

You are encouraged to apply for vacancies on City Committees and Boards.  Most Boards allow non-residents to participate.  Applications for vacant positions are accepted until filled.  Currently there is a vacancy on:Parks Board and Budget Committee.