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See Video of September 30, 2014 Candidate Forum 

It is not a professional production, but it allows you to see the candidates discuss issues. 

Parks and Open Space Master Plan is being revised.  

The public is encouraged to comment on the future of our park and open space system.  The Parks Board is overseeing the revision of the plan which is the basis for capital budgeting for park, trail and open space facilities. See Master Plan page

Request for Proposal - Event Management Services

The City is inviting proposals from individuals/organizations to provide event management for the Elephant Garlic Festival between 2015-2019.  Proposals must be received by October 31, 2014.


Curbside Street Tree Leaf Pick-up Schedule

Recently the North Plains City Council approved the purchase of a leaf vacuum. This has become a necessary item as keeping our streets clear helps reduce flooding caused by leaves clogging storm drains.

The City of North Plains is starting its first annual curbside street tree leaf pick-up program this fall. To help us better serve you, place loose street tree leaves curbside by the first day of the scheduled pick-up. Loose leaves should be raked into a windrow 18 inches away from the curb to allow storm water to drain. Keep leaf windrows less than 3 feet high. Please do not park vehicles, or leave refuse bins or other obstacles near the leaf windrows.

Our first scheduled day of pick-up will be Tuesday, November 4. Have your leaves set out in the way prescribed above. If your street tree leaves are not in the street on the scheduled date we will not have the opportunity to provide you with this curbside service.

A second pick-up date is scheduled Tuesday, December 9.

Please keep in mind that emergencies, severe weather, and light/heavy leaf fall may cause delays in the schedule. We will keep you posted of any changes on the City’s website at www.northplains.org 

Please continue to use your yard debris bins provided by Garbarino’s for the leaves from your backyard.

PLEASE NOTE: items other than leaves will not be picked-up.

Participate in Jessie Mays Master Planning process.  We need your input!

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