Election 2014

Results of Nov 4, 2014 Election

These are the votes as of 6 am Nov 5.  The official results have not been certified.

The 3 candidates with the most votes will be sworn-in as City councilors in January, 2015.

Votes Candidates
436 Sherrie Simmons
283 Sandi King
272 Scott Whitehead
212 Glen Warren
196 Michael Broome
161 Greg Kuhn
54 Write-in

On November 4, 2014 the General Election will be held and the community will select 3 of 6 eligible candidates to join the City Council on January 5, 2015.

To register to vote please contact the County Elections Office   Registration forms can also be obtained at the Post Office or City Hall.  

The County's schedule for the November 4 election is:

  • Aug  26 -  Last day to file for candidacy
  • Sept 04 -  Last day to file for Measure & Explanatory Statement
  • Sept 08 -  Voter pamphlet deadline- Measure Argument & City Candidates
  • Sept 19 -  Ballots mailed to Military and Overseas voters
  • Sept 22 -  Ballots available in Elections office
  • Oct   14 -  New voter registration deadline
  • Oct   15 -  Target mail date for ballots
  • Nov  04 -  Election day
  • Nov  24 -  Abstracts/Certification of Election Results

General Information

What are the qualifications to be a candidate?  One year of residency and registration to vote within the City of North Plains.  These requirements are set in the City Charter.

Is there a cost to file as a candidate?  There is no cost at the City of North Plains and to have a name on the ballot.  

When are Council elections?  In the fall of even number years.  Councilors elected in November are sworn into office the following January.

Does the City have any measures on the ballot in 2014?  No.