Local Incentives

North Plains welcomes new businesses and does not charge for a first year license.

Financing of City-imposed System Development Fees is available to spread costs over several years of business.

E-Commerce Zone 

The City offers an Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) Zone Program to qualifiying businesses within the E-zone boundary, which provides additional tax incentives for companies who conduct business primarily through electronic channels.


State Incentive

Strategic Investment Program

The Strategic Investment Program (SIP) exempts a portion of large capital investments from property taxes. The program is available statewide for projects developed by "traded-sector" businesses, most often used for manufacturing firms. "Traded sector" is defined in Oregon law as "industries in which member firms sell their goods or services into markets for which national or international competition exists."

Depending on the investment size, the Strategic Investment Program can offer exceptional benefits in terms of net present value.

North Plains is an E-Commerce Zone



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