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The following page contains useful information for businesses considering operating within the greater North Plains area.

Site Selection

Serviced industrial property is readily available in the North Plains area. We assist companies with locating industrial sites or buildings which will meet their needs by working with brokers and developers. A customized site proposal will be developed based on the client’s requirements.  The City of North Plains is currently working on project to certify industrial sites.

Likewise if you need assistance with locating a commercial property, please contact the City and we will arrange tours and provide information as requested.

Infrastructure Services

Coordinated meetings between a prospective client company and private utilities are often arranged and attended by the City staff to discuss requirements, quality, cost, and service in a team approach.

North Plains purchases water through a contract with the Joint Water Commission through the City of Hillsboro.  A copy of the North Plains water consumer confidence report is available here.

Clean Water Services provides wastewater treatment services. 

Power provider is Portland General Electric (PGE). PGE has a total combined generating capacity of 1,957 megawatts and they also operate several Reliability Centers throughout the region.

NW Natural is the natural gas provider which serves residential, commercial and industrial customers in western Oregon and southwest Washington.


The Washington County Workforce Alliance, a group of Washington County employment and training organizations, provides customized recruitment, training, retention and outplacement services to meet business needs.

Regulatory Standards and Issues

The City works with the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department to resolve issues that impede potential industrial development. This state agency advises, refers, and coordinates meetings between local government, business and other state regulatory agencies. 


Easy access to transportation routes and services are key in today’s global economy.  North Plains is conveniently located adjacent to US Hwy 26 and 30 minutes west of Interstates 5 and 84.

North Plains is served by Ride Connection Community Bus Service which provides a free shuttle to the Tri-Met public transportation system hub in Hillsboro, which is the western terminus of the 33 mile metropolitan light rail line which links Portland's west and east suburbs as well as the Portland International Airport to the north. 


The Portland International Airport (PDX) is the only passenger airport served by the major airlines in the metropolitan area. Located approximately 45 minutes from North Plains, full service daily passenger and cargo flights to major U.S. cities and international destinations are available. 

The Hillsboro Airport is Oregon's busiest general aviation airport, with more than 200,000 operations annually. With its two runways (6,600' and 4,049') and four full service fixed base operators, the airport provides all the facilities to support jet and propeller driven aircraft and helicopters. Charter companies fly their aircraft and helicopters in and out of the airport. Restaurants and hotels are located near the airport along with rental car services at the terminal. Several major corporations have hangars at the Hillsboro airport. The Hillsboro airport is managed by the Port of Portland. 


The Port of Portland manages the only deep draft port in the region. Terminal 6, located in north Portland, west of Interstate 5, is the region's primary container and auto handling terminal with vessels calling daily. Barge handling capabilities as well as direct ship to rail access to inter-modal containers are available. Located about 45 minutes from North Plains, drayage companies find the easy access to US Hwy 26 convenient when transporting goods to and from the Port of Portland.

Business Cost/Advantages

  • North Plains is an Electronic Commerce City
  • Property taxes are approximately lower than most Washington County cities
  • No business income tax in North Plains or Washington County
  • No sales tax
  • No inventory tax
  • No worldwide unitary tax
  • No motor vehicles tax
  • No direct levies on intangible properties, such as stocks, bonds and securities
  • No Metro tax or regulation

Local Property Tax

The consolidated tax rate in North Plains in $13.61/$1,000 of assessed valuation. The City of North Plains receives $2.1712 of that consolidated rate.  That is among the lowest in Washington County.  Because North Plains is not part of the Metro region it is not subject to the Metro taxation.

State Tax

Personal and corporate excise taxes and a state lottery are used to support programs provided by the State of Oregon. 

Personal Income Tax

The current maximum rate is 9 percent, which applies to single returns with a taxable income greater than $5,000 and on joint returns greater than $10,000. 

Corporate Income Tax

Oregon applies a 6.6 percent tax against net Oregon revenue. Additional income tax information including tax forms can be found at the Oregon Department of Revenue. 

Unemployment Insurance

Employers are subject to the following requirements:

  • Employers need to register with the Employment Department by completing and sending a Combined Employer´s Registration to the Oregon Department of Revenue,
  • Post a notice provided by the Employment Department, concerning unemployment insurance, where employees can read it,
  • Keep adequate payroll records,
  • Pay taxes or reimbursements when due,
  • File quarterly reports on time, and   

Additional information can be obtained from the Oregon Employment Department, Unemployment Insurance Division.

 Workers Compensation Insurance

Oregon has some of the lowest workers compensation costs in the nation

Give us a call. 

All current and potential businesses are encouraged to contact the City Manager about opportunities in North Plains.  503.647.5555

North Plains is an E-Commerce Zone



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