Reserve Officer Program

Reserve Office Program

Reserve Police Officers are valued members of our department. Reserve Officers are unpaid volunteer positions. They aid and supplement regular full time Police Officers to achieve our community's public safety goals.  

Reserve Police Officers must be at least 21 years of age, be an American citizen, have a valid Oregon drivers license, and have no criminal record. They must attend and successfully complete a Reserve Police Academy conducted county-wide by the Washington County Sheriff's Office. The academy lasts approximately 6 months and is usually held 2 nights a week, as well as one day during each weekend. After completion, the Reserve Police Officer must successfully complete a Field Training Evaluation program within the department that lasts an additional six months. Once training is completed, the Reserve Police Officer enjoys the same authority as a regular full time Police Officer and performs the same duties. They are required to work at least 16 hours per month, and those hours can be accomplished at any time of day or night.  (Reserve Officers receive compensation for some assignments like working at a festival or filling in for an officer vacation, which are in excess of their volunteer hours.)

Many of the people who serve as a Reserve Officer are those who have choosen law enforcement as their future profession. The experience and training received while serving in this volunteer positions can assist the person in gaining full time employment in a public safety agency. An overwhelming number of applicants hired today by agencies have served as Reserve Police Officers.