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Community Vision

Big News!

City Council Accepts 2035 Vision Statement-- Kicks off Implementation of that Vision (VIWG)

On December 21, 2015 the City Council accepted the 2035 North Plains Vision Statement. 

More than 200 area residents participated online and at meetings to develop this updated vision. Vision Steering Committee members met six times through the year to review information and advise staff.

Now, the Vision Implementation Work Group has been created and is entering into the next phase of this important Comprehensive Plan update process.

Responsibilities of the Work Group include:

  • Ensure that Comprehensive Plan updates implement the 2035 vision and goals for Community, Neighborhoods, Transportation, Economic Opportunity, History and Public Services
  • Provide broad perspectives to help ensure the North Plains Comprehensive Plan represents diverse community needs and desires
  • Help guide technical work related to housing and economic development
  • Advise on and help implement community engagement activities
  • Inform and engage constituencies, communities and civic organizations

The team members are: Citizens Jason Reynolds; Trista Papen; Interested individual Theresa Baird; Business Owner Don Boone; Mayor David Hatcher; Council President Teri Lenahan; Planning Commission Chair Stewart King; Planning Commissioners Heather LaBonte and Garth Eimers; North Plains Elementary School Principal Karen Murphy; Developer Rudy Kadlub; Associate Planner Washington County DLUT Sambo Kirkman; Anne Debbaut from the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development will be checking in with us periodically.

The Vision Implementation Work Group (VIWG) met for the first time on Wednesday, April 6, 2016. An audio recording of the minutes can be heard by clicking on the link in the border to the left.

When you see one of these members, please thank them for their commitment to the future of North Plains.

Envision North Plains Steering Committee has completed their work on the 2035 Vision Statement for North Plains. The City Council has adopted this Vision Statement by resolution.

(You can read the entire 2035 Vision Statement by clicking here)

Thank you to the entire Envision North Plains Steering Committee for their dedication and hours spent on this committee creating the 2035 Vision Statement for the City of North Plains.

The Envision North Plains Committee members were:

Bertony Faustin, Suzanne Boyer, Garth Eimers, Sheila Hardwick, Sheri Johnson, Analiese Jones, Paul Kindel, Nicole Lillegard, Lori Luce, Trista Papen, Renee Remey, Jason Reynolds, Joyce Reynolds, Angie Surratt, Jane Willhoite Fults.

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