Comprehensive Plan Update Process

Materials related to revision of the Comprehensive Plan.  

These were developed prior to the start of the Community Vision process.  While they remain useful references they are anticipated to be revised subsequent to the Vision process.

Link to 10/13/14 Joint Council/Planning Commission Study Session

Proposed Comprehensive Revisions Draft dated 9/14.  This version is the second draft, which was reviewed at a joint Study Session of the Planning Commission and City Council on September 22, 2014. This WILL BE REVIEWED AGAIN in 2016 by the Planning Commission and the Vision Implementation Work Group.

15.01 Introduction

15.02 Elements

15.03 Inventory

15.04 Implementation

15.05 Appendix

No additional changes to the draft ordinances has been released.  Please see below for related ordinance changes that are proposed.

Link to 9/22/14 Joint Council/Planning Commission Study Session

Power Point Presentation main 

  - Comprehensive Plan Map

  - Groceries on small sites

  - Mixed use examples

Proposed Comprehensive Revisions Draft for consideration at 8/13/14 Planning Commission meeting.

Link to August 2013 Staff Report on Comprehensive Plan

15.01 Introduction

15.02 Elements

15.03 Inventory

15.04 Implementation

15.05 Appendix

Related Code Amendments

16.05 Definitions

16.60 Community Service Overlay

16.125 Lot Development Standards

16.140 Planned Use Development

16.170 Application Requirements

16.205 Annexations

Public Facilities Zone

Proposed Changes to Comprehensive Plan - Change in Acreage

 Comprehensive Plan Map Proposed

Comprehensive Plan Update Notice

Exhibits prepared for meeting:

Staff Power Point

Direction of Growth - Contiguous lands is where growth should occur. 

Buildable Land Residential

Approved Sunset Ridge (East Expansion Area) Master Plan  Sunset Ridge Phase I Subdivision Plan including Master Plan refinement

Conceptual Master Plan North 

Commercial Land

Residential Lands