Design Standards and Details

The City is authorized to regulate the procedure for maintenance, construction or alteration of public facilities.  The Public Works Design Standards provide clear guidance regarding the design and construction of public facilities.  The detail drawings that comprise Appendix A are listed below.

If you have any questions about the standards or drawings please contact Public Works Director Blake Boyles 

Design Standards (.pdf)



Typical Trench Detail


Typical Water Line & Fire Hydrant Location


Backflow Assembly Double Check 3" thru 10"

Backflow Assembly Fire Protection Without FDC

Backflow Assembly Fire Protection With FDC Connection

Hydrants and Blowoffs

2" Standard Blowoff

Standard Blowoff Future Construction

Fire Hydrant Blowoff

Fire Hydrant Clear Zone

Fire Hydrant Assembly


2" Combination Air & Vacuum Valve

1" Air & Vacuum Valve

Typical Water Valve Location Detail

Typical Gate Valve Setting Detail

Valve Operator Extension

Water Services

Standard 3/4" and 1" Water Service

Standard 1" Double Service

Standard 1 1/2" - 2" Single Service

Commercial/Industrial Typical Service Layout


Minimum Protection for Filling Tanker Truck


Typical Neighborhood Street Section


Commercial Driveway (Sidewalk with Planter Strip)

Commercial Driveway (with Curb Tight Sidewalk)

Residential Driveway (Sidewalk with Planter Strip)

Residential Driveway (with Curb Tight Sidewalk)

Sidewalk, curb and gutter

C1 Downtown Sidewalk

C2 Highway Commercial Sidewalk

Sidewalk Curb Ramp at Curb Return

Concrete Sidewalk

Curb & Gutter


Street Barricade Type III at Width Transitions

Street Barricade Type III

Street Trees

Typical tree planting with root barrier