Street and Storm Water

Street and Storm Drains

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Public Works is responsible for management of the City's Pavement Management Program (PMP). The PMP includes street inspections, contract preparation and administration on large-scale pavement maintenance projects designed to maintain the City's road system.  The Transportation Utility Fee (TUF) helps fund improvements to local streets.
The City's road system consists of approximately 14 miles of roadway.  Public Works is responsible for maintenance of these roadways and their adjacent bike paths, including patching potholes, installation of new signs, straightening of existing signs, and response to citizen requests and complaints.
Public Works also maintains a regular maintenance schedule for the repainting of bikeway striping and legend crosswalk, stop bars and traffic lane stripes.  Maintenance work also includes various storm maintenance tasks such as cleaning inlets, outfalls, drainage basin areas and catch basins; roadside mowing along unimproved drainage ditches and repair of dead-end barricades.