Salary Schedule

Salary Schedule

2013/14 Salary Schedule

2013-2014 Salary schedule remains in effect through 2014-2015.

Employee Compensation

The City of North Plains compensates its employees in accordance with statutory law and in keeping with sound labor management practices.  Personnel costs, including wages and related benefits, are approximately $1.1M in fiscal year 2014-2015, or 71% of the General Fund expenditures.  

Changes in Staffing

The FY15 budget includes 8 full time employees and 21 part time and temporary employees. This is a decrease in full time staff; in FY14 the City had 10 full time employees. Based on management’s assessment of the General Fund the City needed to make changes to full time staff, and the current budget proposal eliminates one Account Clerk I/II position and changes an Utility Worker II to a Temporary Utility Worker I position. One Police Officer is expected to retire in FY15, and the part time Police Officer position will be eliminated once the full time replacement is hired. New positions created in FY14 which will continue in FY15 include the part time Management Analyst position, City Recorder, and Library Cataloguer.

All employees of the City serve at will, and there are no organized unions representing employees.  The City Manager, Police Chief, Public Works Director and Library Director have written contracts that are approved by City Council.

Pay Rates

Employees are assigned to salary ranges with steps graduated in 5% increments. Progression through the steps is based on performance (merit increases).  The ranges are set by Council and may be periodically changed based on a classification study or the need for a cost of living adjustment (COLA). 

For FY2014-15 the City proposes reducing the number of steps from six to five by eliminating the first step. This raises some of the lower wages and makes the City a more competitive employer. Employees who would move up to the next step include Police Reserve Officers and Library Cataloger. The total cost of this change is approximately $2,000.  

No cost of living increase of is included in the FY15 budget.

July 1,


COLA Adjustment to Range

Merit Increases Awarded





























2014 est











Employee Health Insurance Benefits

The City provides access to health insurance for permanent employees working 30 or more hours per week. Health insurance includes medical, dental, alternative care and vision. The City pays 100% of the medical premium for employee only coverage and 70% of employee plus dependent, and 100% of the dental premium for employee only coverage and the employee only rate towards employee plus dependent. 

The City established an “opt-out” option in 2012 at the maximum permitted by CIS:  $50 per month.  No employees have exercised this option.

The City also provides $50k of basic life insurance, long term disability and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) to employees working 30 or more hours per week. The City fully funds these benefits. Additional, spouse and dependent life insurance can be purchased by the employee. In FY2013-14 the City began offering statutory life insurance and legal defense insurance for police officers, including reserves, which is also funded by the City.

 Health and dental plans are not expected to increase more than 5% in calendar year 2015.  Total employee health insurance benefits for FY2014-15 are approximately $91k.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation rates are not expected to increase but overall premiums will increase in relation to increased salary expense.


The cost of unemployment insurance will increase in relation to increased salary expense.


Like most public agencies, the City offers vacation leave to full-time employees based on years of service.  The current vacation accrual schedule is below.  

Years of Service

Vacation Annual Accrual

Before 1st Anniversary

  48 hours (6 days)

After 1st Anniversary

  96 hours (12 days)

After 5th Anniversary

120 hours (15 days)

After 10th Anniversary

144 hours (18 days)

After 15th Anniversary

168 hours (21 days)

After 20th Anniversary

192 hours (24 days)

 Vacation time can be accrued up to 300 hours. Unused vacation time is paid out upon employee separation.


The City also provides 88 hours (11 days) of paid holiday leave including one floating holiday to full-time employees. The Police Officer position accrues the 88 hours on bi-weekly basis as the employee is likely to work most holidays, and the accrual provides the opportunity to use the leave when needed. Holidays are not paid out upon employee separation.

Holidays include New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and the day after, and Christmas.

 Sick Leave

Full-time employees earn up to 96 hours (12 days) of sick leave per year.   Sick leave is not paid upon employee separation.  The Library Director earns sick-leave on a pro-rated basis.


The City’s employees are enrolled in the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System (PERS).  The City pays an employer rate determined by PERS, and ‘picks up’ the required employee rate of 6%.

 PERS rates are set for a two year period and thus have not changed from FY2013-14.


Thru 6/30/15

Employer Rate

Employee Rate


Tier 1  & Tier 2




OPSRP – General




OPSRP – Police/Fire







Other Compensation

City-provided cell phones are given to the Police Chief and Police Officer to aid in communications.  A single cell phone is shared among Public Works employees for communications as well.

A stand-by premium of $15 per day is paid to the Public Works employee who is available for calls after business hours and on weekends. 

Traditionally, the City has awarded $25 gift certificates to full-time and part-time employees in advance of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This is budgeted in the “employee recognition” line item. 

Optional Benefits

The City offers programs for optional benefits such as deferred compensation (457 plan) and flexible spending accounts.  Employees are responsible for paying the full cost of these benefits.  

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