Planning Commission

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission's regular meetings are the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.. 

From time to time, special meetings are held to meet deadlines or conduct public hearings.  The Commission reviews designs for future structures and remodels, develops standards for building in North Plains, and assist Council with policy development. Significant documents developed with the Planning Commission's guidance are the comprehensive Plan which is Chapter 15 of the Municipal Code and zoning and development standards which can be found in Chapter 16 of the Municipal Code.

Planning Commissioners serve a four-year term.  Members are volunteers and receive no compensation for their service. The rules and terms for the Planning Commission are in Municipal Code Chapter 1.35



Term Expiration


Stewart King, Chair

December 31, 2019


Heather LaBonte, Vice Chair

December 31, 2018


Tom Hauth

December 31, 2020


Douglas Nunnenkamp

December 31, 2019


James Fage

December 31, 2020


John Vater

December 31, 2021


Lonnie Knodel

December 31, 2020 R1980

City of North Plains

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Comprehensive Plan/Municipal Code Chapter 16-Zoning Changes

The North Plains Planning Commission held public hearings on proposed amendments to Municipal Code Chapter 16-Zoning. The proposed changes are intended to reflect current land uses and simplify the Municipal Code.

The changes will affect some sections of Chapter 16 including all residential zones within the community. The proposed changes are intended to establish clear guidance on lot sizes. If approved by the Planning Commission the recommendation will be referred to the City Council for a Tuesday, January 19, 2016 public hearing.

Below are the latest DRAFTS of the affected chapters that were a part of the Public Hearing. Click on the links below to view.

     Chapter 16.05 Definitions

     Chapter 16.20 R-7.5 (Residential)

     Chapter 16.25 R-5 (Residential)

     Chapter 16.30 R-2.5 (Residential)

     Chapter 16.125 Lot Development Standards

     Chapter 16.135 Subdivisions

     Chapter 16.150 Street Standards

     Chapter 16.170 Application Requirements

     Chapter 16.57 Public Facility Zone

     NEW Mixed Use District Proposed


North Plains Housing Design Concept Presentation provide by Consultants Cogan Owens Greene. This was presented to the North Plains Planning Commission on October 14, 2015.

Agenda and Minutes

Planning Commissioner Application

Current Land Use Applications

(Type II, III & IV):

File No. 16-122 West Union Mini Storage

File No. 16-121 Kemmer Meadows Floodplain

File No. 16-087 Perkins/Biggi 16-Lot Subdivision

File No. 16-069 Partition-Verboort (includes Applicant's Submitted Narrative)

File No. 16-072 Marijuana Facilities Code Rev-M-2 and C-2

File No. 16-073 Neighborhood Community and Definitions

2016 Annexation Applications

2016 East Expansion Area

2016 North Expansion Area

DLCD Notice of Adoption: Comp Plan Change Eggiman Property

Land Use Decision-Administrative: Partition for a flag lot: 30861 NW Hillcrest - Hughes: Land Use Application PacketFinal Notice of Decision